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Setting Leaders Up for Success

We recently hosted the first-ever Summit for more than 100 AVG Practice Managers responsible for leading their designated clinic’s operations.

“Our hospital Practice Managers make over one hundred decisions before noon, put out multiple fires, serve as customer support staff, human resources, cheerleaders for hospital morale, and so much more – all while carrying the massive responsibility of leading their hospital’s operations day-in and day-out,” says Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Christopher Smith, MAB, AVG. “This Summit was designed to get them out of the hospital and, frankly, be a little selfish. It’s where they can focus on themselves as leaders to grow professionally and meet others,” he says.

The Practice Manager Summit was a three-day conference in Orlando, FL that invited AVG’s Leadership Team, including CEO, Craig Niebur, Vice President of Leadership Training and Development Kevin Puma, and Summit Sponsors, including Zoetis and IDEXX, in addition to Practice Managers and award-winning speakers who facilitated more than 10 sessions.

Training and educational sessions for this Summit were purposefully created to foster deep connections, create a safe space for honest feedback, and encourage participation and engagement,” says Vice President of Learning and Development, Kevin Puma, MBA, AVG. “Sessions were also designed to provide Practice Managers with learning materials that apply to their hospitals all throughout the year, arming them with educational materials, additional learning content, and access to more networking opportunities even AFTER the Summit.”

In addition to facilitating learning, development, and networking opportunities, the 2022 Practice Manager Summit also made time for substantial recognition with a first-ever Awards Ceremony. “Each and every Practice Manager at AVG is incredibly hardworking, passionate, and high-achieving,” says Vice President of Operations, Al Nunez, MBA, AVG. “That is why choosing award recipients at the Practice Manager Summit was especially difficult. We are extremely grateful to our entire Practice Manager community and congratulate this year’s honorees.”

This year’s Practice Manager Summit Awardees include the following:

  • Practice Manager of the Year, General Practice – Dadeland Animal Hospital, Brooke Dombrowski
  • Practice Manager of the Year – UrgentVet, Chloe Corbin
  • Culture Award – Circle of Life, Stacy Corwin
  • Hospital of the year – Care Animal Hospital, Sheryl Valdespino
  • Customer Experience Award – Lineberger Animal Hospital, Krista Walter
  • Rookie of the Year – Angel Animal Hospital, Magdalena Zullo
“The most valuable thing I have learned from the Practice Manager Summit is that AVG is there for me. They want all of us to succeed and the support system is absolutely phenomenal. This Summit has helped me learn not only how to be the best leader, but how to be the best version of myself,” says Robin O’Hara, South Ocala Animal Clinic Practice Manager.